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Not Too Far From Here

Lindsay was three years old when she witnessed her mother, Grace, kill her father in self-defense. Now eighteen and about to be reunited with her mother, she discovers she's dating someone, "just like her father."

There's a silent epidemic in our nation that is destroying millions of peaceful homes. Through the voice of Lindsay, an Indigenous teenager and her friends, we can help eradicate this through peer influence of this powerful story that will impact their generation. Together with her friends, Addie and Darian, they discover the truth in the power of forgiveness. The story is told in a way that is contagious and causes others to learn how to pray. forgive. love. repeat.

This couldn't have happened without the love and leadership of her adoptive parents John, played by Kevin Sorbo, and Iona, played by Beckah Shae. Together, they help families in transition and Lindsay is no different. Her mother is about to be released from prison and they are committed to help reunite mother and daughter. It all happens at a pivotal moment in Lindsay's life when she discovers that she's dating someone, just like her father. 

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