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The Greenhouse by James E. Clark (Jim)

The Greenhouse is a full-feature film written and produced by James E. Clark (Jim)

The Greenhouse is a thriller that tells the story of an L.A. abortionist, Geoff Abernathy. After the brutal murder of his pregnant daughter, he retreats to a simpler life where he raises plants in a greenhouse that acquire the souls of the babies he aborthed - and they communicate with him. 

When asked why he wrote a pro-life story from a thriller point of view, Jim's answer was simple. "I want people to consider that all life matters and is precious." After working for thirty years as a skilled nursing administrator with up to 180 beds and 250 employees, he understands the dynamics of the wants and needs of people. Some people live with regrets and take their pains and sufferings to the grave with them. Others find redemption. This is one of those stories. 

Jim is a US Army NCO Academy graduate and has a BA in and MBA in Marketing. He began his film career from an actors point of view through Actors Studio of Orange County. He has also graduated from Screenwriting U.

          "Starting in 2017 I began my journey in writing and acting. My goal is to sell or produce my screenplays and have fun acting. In the process, my vision is to honor God and share the Gospel through film entertainment."

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