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God heard the cry for more wholesome family films and answered it by raising up hundreds of gifted artisans during this generation. We are part of that group, housed in Branson, Mo., with a collective group from across the nation. We are building a place where faith and actions collide and produce what people are wanting to see.

We are raising funds for pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and are honored that you would consider being a part of this process. We have created some unique rewards available to all who participate at any level. Now you can be a positive influence in the media world by teaming up with any of our projects.


     Create a SPARK     $25     $50     $100     $250     ANY AMOUNT


     Build the FLAME     $50     $250     $500     $1000     ANY AMOUNT


     Carry the LANTERN     $100     $500     $1,200     $2,500     ANY AMOUNT


     Warm the FIRE     $250     $1,000     $2,500     $5,000     ANY AMOUNT

We will have projects at each of these levels on an on-going basis. Visit - FUEL THE FIRE to select the one you want to help ignite.

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