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If It Weren't For Bad Luck

An “unlucky” Gen-Z , who sees her life as nothing more than a series of unfortunate events, accepts an odd request that sends her on a cross-country road trip where she learns there is a God with a perfect plan.

Our story begins in a church where a newly redeemed, ex-Mafia boss prays for God to use him for something good. God hears his prayer. Then suddenly, he drops dead. The End. 

Just Kidding!

Though the film does begin with that scene, what happens after is the real story.

If It Weren’t for Bad Luck is the story of Mae Olivia Bea: A budding Gen-Z fashion designer who has been seemingly plagued with “bad luck” since birth. The day we meet her, it only gets worse. A break-up with a cheating boyfriend is followed by being fired instead of the anticipated promotion. Sound depressing? No way! Get ready for a hilarious string of events that takes her on a cross-country roadtrip where she learns that there is a God she can trust...and that her “bad luck” is all a part of God’s perfect plan.

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