Director: Deborah Watson

Director of Photography: David Newton

Screenwriter: Deborah Watson

Producer: Peggy Reyes

Genre: Drama 


Recently divorced, decorated Afghan veteran, Dagon, does the best he can to finish raising his 

thirteen-year-old son Leo. But with both of them dealing with PTSD, it’s not an easy task.

Not Too Far From Here - preproduction

Director: Kevin Sorbo

Screenwriter: Deborah Watson  

Genre:  Drama


Often times those who are hurting live so close, we can’t see them until their smile fades, tears fall and they reach out for help and find hope.

Under The Acacia Tree - in developement


Screenwriter: Deborah Watson 

Genre: Drama  


Medical Missionary Cami Natali travels to Kenya to right the wrong that happened to her by teaching others how to love their enemies.

Tomi Girl - in developement


Screenwriter: Deborah Watson 

Genre: Drama  


Tomi found a safe place in the New York Fashion Industry, until her uncle disappears on the reservation back home and she’s forced to face more than a missing uncle.

Ruby Unleashed - in development

Director:  Deborah Watson

Screenwriters: Deborah Watson, Cassidy Cooley

Genre: Comedy 


No matter how hard anyone tries, the perfect woman does not exist. Although Ruby's over opinionated mother seems to think her daughter should be.  Ruby has enough to deal with as a single mom raising her nephew after his parents are killed in an auto accident. She definitely doesn't have time for going to Bible study and listening to her mother gossip about Ruby's love life, or lack thereof.  

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